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          Our Mission is to restore our forests to a natural and healthy state. This is a HUGE job, our team is more than qualified, willing and able to tackle this one acre at a time.  Our team implements restoration techniques that dramatically reduce the forests hazardous fuel load.  This greatly reduces the risks associated with living in the wildland urban interface. We strive to make our forests more heterogenous, increasing the forests resistance to fire and resilience after fire.  Largely homogenous and overgrown forests are much more susceptible to bug infestation and disease.  These and other factors coupled together increase fire intensity and rates of spread.  These types of fires will quickly spread through the crowns of trees and become extremely hard to control.  By restoring our forest to a more historical state we will also restore a more historical fire regime.  A regime closer to what mother nature intended for our beautiful neck of the woods.  We need to remember that wildfire is mother natures forester, limiting disease and promoting healthy forests by governing itself through a healthy fire regime and mosaic landscape.  Wildfire should not be viewed as the wicked witch of the west. 

            We need to set ourselves up and wildfire up for success, not catastrophic failures like we’ve witnessed over the last few decades.  The only way to do this is to take an aggressive stance on forest restoration i.e.  thinning and prescribed burning.  We need to start at the local level, treating our residential properties and then work our way out to larger private and public sectors of land.  Every year we are losing thousands upon thousands of acres of precious forestlands, gone for centuries.  That’s not acceptable!!  There is only so much forestland on the eastern slopes of the cascades. We need to act. We need to preserve and conserve this resource for future generations.  We need to protect our homes and communities in the wildland urban interface.  We need to give firefighters a fighting chance when the time comes.  If you feel the need to treat your property, please contact us.  There are a lot of cost sharing programs available for home and property owners.  Some of these programs will cover up to 75% of fuels reduction and restoration costs.

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Wildfire Home Protection LLC

        Wildfire Home Protection LLC is based out of Peshastin WA.  Our business believes in hard work, professionalism and integrity. We are committed to providing a high quality service and product for our customers.  We have over 15 years of  professional wildland and structural fire fighting experience and 10 years of fuels reduction and forest restoration experience.  We make forests more resistant and resilient to fire so your home is safer before, during and after a wildfire.  From small residential projects to large commercial projects, we've got your needs covered. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.